Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Complete PET Filling Line for Carbonated Beverages

- Parmatec Acqua Mix Carbonator
- Capacity 29000 LT/H
- Format 0.5, 1 L, 1.5 L, 2 L
- Corema PCE/AP 45ECS Chiller
- Equipment condition excellent
- Ghiardi Paolo CIP 1000TS
- Capacity 24000 LT/HH
- Atlas Copco Crepelle 24 Compressor
- Logics controls control level Cork CP10X
- P.

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Sidel Complete PET Bottling Line

A complete Bottling line for Still and Carbonated Beverages
Its consisting of:
Sidel SB06 Series 2 Bottle Blow Moulding machine (max. 8,400 bph)
- Masselli Misure UR-22 Digital Brix Refractometer ((Year 1998)
- Sacmi Opra 200 Reel Feed Labeller (18,000 bph - Year 2005)
- Sacmi Kmix 200003XVB Dristal Mix (20,000 L/hr - Year 2004)
- Dosier-und Mischtechnik Burdomat Velcorin 11K
- Oxe Quasar Hot Melt 720F 12S1EI Labeler (max.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

KHS Aseptic Filling Line

- The line was manufactured in 2006
- It can fill still and carbonated drinks
- The filling process can be sold separately for 1,800,000 Euro
- The complete line can be seen in production and is fo

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